Do you need Soil Stabilization, or Piers?

Texas Soil Map

Most texans have a high clay content and high water table. All clay is expansive and collapsible to some extent and widely varies according to conditions. When your soils are described as expansive or collapsible it is describing the propensity of the soil to swell or settle. Expansive or Swelling soil/clay is very dense. Collapsible or Settling soil is loose and will settle when there is a high concentration of water followed by drying.

If it is expansive aka Swell then you need to perform soil stabilization (if you excavate and the clay is black or really dark than you most likely have swell). If it is collapsible then you need to install piers to support your structure from settling. Soil injection stabilization is much cheaper than installing piers. Depending on your soil conditions you have three options...

Clay Soil

Adequate Soil? Lucky You!

If your soil is not exclusively expansive or collapsible then it is adequate for building and no additional steps are necessary. Lucky You!

Expansive Soil?

If your soil is very dense, really dark or black then you most likely have expansive soil.

Soil stabilization is necessary and will prevent damage from occuring in the future.

Collapsible Soil?

If your soil is collapsible, light in color, red or orange hues, light and not dense then you most likely have collapsible soil.

Piers will need to be installed before construction to prevent settling from occuring in the future.

All in all, whether you have expansive soil, collapsible soil, or are one of the lucky ones who have great soil, our company's experts will build a pool that lasts a lifetime!

We will guide you through every step of the process and make building a custom pool an effortless process for you!

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